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     My flat looked great after their home cleaning experts had gotten down to business. Can't fault any aspect of my dealings with Brunswick Park Cleaning Company.
Robert Y19/05/2020
     I will be using CarpetCleaningBrunswickPark's cleaning services regularly. They do a great job of cleaning my flat.
Nelly French19/09/2019
     Yesterday, Brunswick Park Cleaners finished their work on my home cleaning. Today I'm here to sing their praises because they did such marvellous work! I also saved a lot of money thanks to their great deals, which means I can treat myself to something today with the money left over. Brilliant work.
Peter Keats15/09/2017
     BrunswickParkCarpetCleaners are the only crew I hire to clean my business properties. Clients rave over the superior work. Excellent standards and reliable cleaners.
Declan B.25/04/2017
     I am constantly in need of help to clean my sofas and settees so I hire Brunswick Park Cleaners. They have never let me down once, whether it's arriving when I need them, getting the job done quickly or producing the best results. They make my upholstery cleaner than ever and ensure that I can always enjoy a spotless settee.
Eoin Mooney 24/09/2015
     If you ever need your bathroom cleaned, I recommend you call Carpet Cleaners Brunswick Park right away. They are expert cleaners who can do all the work you need. They will wash the floors, the walls, the windows, the sink, the bath, and shower. They will disinfect your toilet, remove any puddles, banish stains, and neaten things up and much more. They did all this for me and I am happy with the result. I know you will be too.
John George 31/07/2015
     When I moved into my new tenancy, I was not very happy with the cleaning job that the landlord had arranged. But since the move had already cost me a lot, I wasn't looking to spend more money on cleaning. BrunswickParkCarpetCleaners had surprisingly reasonable quotes for the service I need and it turned out to be a good decision, because they did a wonderful job. The grease stains in the kitchen were gone, every surface was polished and shining and even the space between the cracks and furniture was cleaned out. Great job guys! I am definitely going to recommend you to friends and family!
Quentin F.18/02/2015
     I spent a lot of time looking for a professional carpet cleaner who would be able to get rid of the red wine stains and dirt marks on my carpets and rugs. I have a carpet cleaning steamer, but even that wasn't able to get rid of these horrible marks. I was one step away from getting my whole house re-carpeted when a friend turned me on to BrunswickParkCarpetCleaners. I didn't really think that they'd be able to get the job done, but I was proven totally wrong! The cleaner got straight down to business and within no time at all the stains and dirt were completely gone! My carpets looked amazingly clean and were practically a different colour. A very impressive service!
Zoe L.17/04/2014
     They call it 'upholstery cleaning' apparently. Whatever it is, it works wonders on my three-piece-suite every time. I have a dog who despite my best efforts is in love with my furniture, and cannot bear to lie anywhere else. Spoilt dog (I know). But what this means is that my armchairs and sofas are forever being stained with mud and soaked with dog-hair, which after a while does begin to get to me. So last year I called BrunswickParkCarpetCleaners to book a professional clean. It didn't cost much, and it didn't take long, but goodness was I impressed with the results. Recommended.
J. Ealey30/01/2014
     BrunswickParkCarpetCleaners came round recently to sort my grubby carpets out. They quoted me for various services, letting me know what each one entailed, and I found that steam cleaning seemed to fit the bill best. I was extremely impressed with the level of cleaning that they got through the carpets, and the house feels a lot brighter for it! The price was not bad at all, and well worth it for the great clean that the cleaner did, so I'm pretty happy with my lot! Very highly recommended to anyone whose carpets are looking a little worse for wear!
Nicole Johnson07/01/2014

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